Introducing our new brand

The following text has been drafted to help introduce our new name and brand:

‘On 17 May at our AGM, The Arts Society replaced NADFAS as our operating name. After 50 years, we needed to evolve to keep up with changing times in order to reach out to more people in more places.

The Arts Society isn’t a radical change though. We wanted something that better communicates who we are, what we do and what we mean to our members. A big part of that is social, hence: ‘Society’. And an even bigger part is the arts, thus: ‘The Arts’.

Even though we’ll look and sound a little different, we still offer the same services: through our excellent lectures we will provide welcoming opportunities for our members to discover and connect to the arts and each other. We will also ensure that heritage has a future through conservation and preservation, and we continue to support the skills of tomorrow’s artists and makers.

The belief that the arts are essential to enriching people’s lives will always be at the very heart of who we are.’