Your Society's own email account

Google G Suite

As a not-for-profit organisation, we have qualified for free access to Google's G Suite services. This means that we have been able to create a free account for every Society and Area.

This consists of an email account and 30gb of storage space on Google's cloud server in your own Google Drive, plus lots of useful tools and applications provided by Google such as Google Docs (equivalent to Microsoft Word) and Google Sheets (equivalent to Microsoft Excel).

So every Society and Area now has their own account, eg: The Arts Society Henley's account would be

You can use these email accounts to communicate with your members. You may wish to assign one person to manage the account or you could share access with your committee so that all your communications are in one place and can easily be handed on to a successor.

Your shared folder

We have created a shared folder in your drive where we will put all your personalised logos, brand guidleines, downloadable fonts and other useful information. You can access these files at anytime in you drive and download them or share them with your designers or committee members.

Any problems

Every Society will have an account created for them by default and the membership team will have sent you some helpful information on how to get started, but should you have any problems or require any further information, please contact